How to Brighten a Dark Room (6 Tips)


Have you got a room in your home you wish was a little brighter? No room should be dark and depressing! We all want our home to be an inviting place to gather with family and friends. Thankfully we have a few tips for making those dark rooms that little bit brighter. Keep reading!

1. Reflect Light with Mirrors

One of the most simple yet very effective ways of lifting a darker space is to add mirrors. Large mirrors not only make your room feel bigger and more open, but they reflect back a ton of light into your room. They're a great way to make any existing light work much harder for you.

To get the most out of your mirrors, it's best to position them opposite windows or across from an entrance where natural light can flow in.

2. Get rid of curtains:

If you have a window and you're wanting to brighten up a room, it's in your best interest to have as little obstacles between the window and your room as possible.

Removing curtains from a window will help more natural light enter your room. And not only that, your window space will look less cluttered.

how-to-brighten-a-dark-room-wall-art-rainbow-mountainsImage: Rainbow Mountain Prints

3. Add Bright Wall Art

Large colourful wall art can sometimes be just what you need when looking to brighten up a room. It's an easy way to instantly inject colour into your room.

For the best results, position your art in a place that gets plenty of natural light. That way the colours and details of your piece will really pop.

Moncasso has plenty of colourful pieces of art that'll help you brighten up your room.

4. Natural Light

It goes without saying that adding windows or skylights is an obvious way to add natural light to a dark room. But there's no denying it is the best way.

There is a clear downside though. And that's the cost! So if the expense is of adding a window or a skylight is too much, steer clear and check out our other tips on this page. However, if there's room in the budget, it's definitely something to seriously consider if you want to brighten up that dim room.

5. Choose Bright Wall Paint

The colour and tone of your wall influences the brightness of your room massively. In addition to natural light and reflective surfaces, lighter colours will further help the brightness of your whole room, while darker hues on the other hand will work against you.


6. Paint Ceilings and Doors White

A simple way to turn your room from dim to bright is by painting the ceilings and doors white, assuming it isn't already that colour of course. Your ceiling is such a large part of your room, that it will make a big difference if you change from a dull colour to white.


There are plenty of ways to brighten up a dim room. Don't let your room go to waste! Stick some mirrors in there, consider repainting and definitely think about adding some wall art in there.

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